Ryan P.

Coach McCants has been an amazing trainer and motivator in helping me get back to my sport after ACL surgery. He introduced me to exercises I had never done and prepared me to get back on skis within 7 months post surgery. I had one of my best ski seasons to date and my knee is stronger than ever thanks to Coach McCants. The best part about training with Coach McCants is that he always has new exercises in every session, so you learn a lot from him and also have some great conversations.

Eric L.

Coach McCants trained my son throughout middle school and high school. Not only is my son a better athlete, but more importantly he’s a better man and citizen. Coach gives life lessons along with his athletic training, about giving maximum effort, work ethic, not giving up, dealing with disappointments, unfair treatment and more. He expects kids to do well in school and asks about their school work. I would highly recommend him for your young athlete who needs good, solid technique training by specific sport or as an athlete in general. My son was recruited and is playing college lacrosse. He was able to get good playing time on a top 20 team as a freshman in part because of the results of coach McCants training in athleticism and in work ethic. He will probably train some with him during the summer as well.

Julie P.

Coach McCants is amazing! I had been going to the gym for years, but mostly taking classes and I was fit, but not very strong. I needed someone to push me to get stronger and within weeks of working with Darnerien, I started seeing a huge difference. I’ve been working with him for over a year now and have never felt healthier or stronger. I highly recommend him!


I’ve been working with McCants for over a year now. Not only has he boosted my confidence and knowledge with weight training. But he has always been a positive and professional role model. I encourage more people to work with him and get the McCants experience.